Should men go to the spa regularly for skin care?


The concept of beauty is not just for women. Nowadays, more and more men are interested in taking care of their appearance. Currently, besides home care, men can choose reputable and quality skin care services at spa to maintain their masculine appearance and performance.

If you're still worried about that, let Mornington Spa reveal the benefits of regular skin care at the spa for you.


1. Understand more about your skin

Not everyone understands what condition their skin is in, what type it is, how thick and thin it is, and whether it is sensitive. A beauty therapist at the spa will be able to look at your skin and see what problems your skin is having, and advise whether the products you are using are right for you. They can then provide product recommendations and advice. From there, you will be advised on more effective skin care at home, as well as products suitable for your skin.

Mornington Spa’s customer


2. Facial skin will be cleaned more deeply

Men do not need to go to the spa regularly and use too many services like women, they only need to come periodically about 1-2 times per week. There, your skin will be properly detoxified and cleansed, under the hands of well-trained and experienced spa technicians. The facial cleansing process at the spa usually includes the following steps:

  • Makeup remover: Removes makeup, sunscreen and dirt from the skin.

  • Exfoliate: Removes dead cells, making skin bright, smooth and even-toned.

  • Steaming: Opens clogged pores, helping to remove dirt and sebum deep below the skin.

  • Massage: Helps relax facial muscles, increase blood circulation and help absorb nutrients better.


3. Your skin will improve quickly

When regularly cared for, purified, intensively nourished and adjusted to proper skincare steps, your skin will quickly improve a lot. You won't have to worry about acne appearing on your face, your skin becoming too oily or getting dull from frequent sun exposure. Because regular skin care treatments will solve all of those problems for you.

The image of Porphyrins (secretion of C.acne bacteria) clearly improved after 4 intensive skin cleaning sessions at Mornington Spa


4. Relax in the most comfortable way

Go to the spa to take care of your skin. Besides, you will receive relaxing body treatments, enjoy melodious sounds and pleasant scent of essential oils, so you should choose high-end spas. These are truly relaxing moments that you deserve to enjoy after hard working moments.

This relaxation process not only helps your mind relax and your body rest, but your skin and eyes are also temporarily away from the effects of computer and phone screens.


At Mornington Spa, in addition to specialized skin care services, we also have combos that combine facial care with a full body treatment package with essential oils and hot stones, allowing men to have the best relaxtion moment ever.


Wishing you a peaceful day!

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