MorningtonTips#13 - 2024 NAIL TRENDS



It's only been the first few months of 2024, but the taste for new nail designs has stirred up beauty enthusiasts, from simple, minimalism trends to sophisticated, complex nail design trends, all of which cannot be denied from catchy trends of the nail industry in Vietnam.

At Mornington Spa, skilled nail care technicians always update the latest trends, combined with a set of professional, health-safe products from famous brands such as CND Shellac, Bandi, Blanc De Bleu, Estemio,...

Let's join Mornington Spa in predicting upcoming nail trends this year!


  1. “Clean girl” aesthetic: “clean” nail trend, with minimalist decorations, using neutral colors, short to medium nail length. A characteristic of this trend is French tips or skin-colored, glossy paint, helping the hands become elongated and elegant.


  2. One solid color: stylish, never out of date with unique colors on hand like wine red, navy blue or sweet brown.

  3. “Your nails but better”: still your nail color, but more beautiful! Exactly what this trend wants to create is through sheer colors, also known as jelly polish, that help nails have a natural, healthy shine, diversifying styles.

  4. “Coquette/ Ballet core”: inspired by elegant ballet shoes, adding signature bows on a light pink base color to help increase femininity.

  5. “Glazed donut”: as the name suggests, like donuts covered with a layer of iridescent white sugar, this nail design is covered with a mirror coating (chrome) on a white jelly base, bringing a pearl-like elegance to the person who has them.

  6. Metallic nails: bold, cool, dynamic,... are adjectives that accurately describe stylish girls who are ready to wear this trendy nail set.

  7. Velvet nails: also known as cat eyes, nowadays cat eye nails are designed more diversely, there are many types of cat eye paints on the market, in general this trend is both possible and popular. Bringing gentleness, princessiness, elegance or personality, they can be combined with many different styles.


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