Although our skin has a natural protective layer that is quite durable. But in reality, factors from the external environment can still have certain impacts on the skin, causing problems such as dark spots, dark spots, melasma, etc. to occur. Among them, weather factors affect the skin very significantly, both positively and negatively, so many people are often interested and researched to take protective measures or adjust their skin care routine.


Some typical factors include:

1. Changing seasons and changing weather affect the skin

The weather changes continuously with the seasons, which not only causes negative impacts on health but also causes the skin to suffer unpredictable effects. To adapt to such changing weather conditions, the skin needs time. Therefore, you need to change your skin care products to suit each season to help your skin stay healthy and nourished, avoiding the appearance of unpleasant skin phenomena. Typically, in the fall and winter, you need to prioritize product lines with lots of moisturizing essence. In summer and spring, light creams are the safest choice.


2. Dry air makes skin rough

The air outside the environment becomes dry and low humidity also affects your skin, making your skin look drier than usual. This will cause dull, dry and peeling skin to occur. Dead skin cells at this time are highly likely to accumulate on the surface of the skin and form a "layer of armor", preventing nutrients in skin care products from penetrating deep inside and promoting their effectiveness. function. This also means that skin care procedures may not yield the expected results, and makeup products cannot completely cover skin imperfections. Therefore, when you notice that the air around you becomes drier, you need to regularly exfoliate to keep your skin naturally healthy.


3. Extremely hot weather causes skin damage

Weather affects the skin negatively through the mechanism of skin damage due to exposure to intense heat. In fact, when skin is exposed to sunlight, there is a high possibility of causing skin cancer, wrinkles and age spots.

Sunlight has the ability to shine through water, sand, snow and even brightly painted high-rise buildings. Even on snowy days, sunlight only reduces intensity by 10% compared to normal days. Therefore, to protect your skin, you need to use broad-spectrum sunscreens with a minimum SPF of 30 when going out. Reapply sunscreen to your skin about every 2 hours if you have to be outside for a long time to increase optimal protection for your skin.

Things to note when taking care of your skin to avoid weather affecting your skin:

Weather affects the skin in a negative or positive direction. Therefore, to best protect your skin, you need to keep in mind a few things during daily skin care as below:

- When the weather changes, the skin needs different care regimes. Changing seasonal skin care cosmetics at this time is essential for the skin to adapt to weather changes and minimize skin irritation.

- Clean your skin twice a day to remove dirt and excess oil on the skin. Avoid washing your face too many times a day. This will cause the skin to lose its natural oils, making the skin vulnerable when exposed to external weather conditions.

- Regularly exfoliate your skin twice a week. This helps remove as much as possible of remaining dead skin layers and makeup residue deep below the skin cell layer. When the skin is optimally cleansed, it will help the nutrients in the following skin care steps have the opportunity to penetrate deep into the skin and work better.

- Use sunscreen with SPF 30+ or ​​higher every day, even when it's cloudy. Because UV rays still work normally in such weather conditions and easily cause the skin to lose elasticity and age quickly. Therefore, whether at home or on the street, sunscreen is still an important and indispensable step in the daily skin care routine.

Hopefully after reading the article, you will learn more useful knowledge so that you can adjust your skin care process according to each season accordingly. Don't forget to follow other articles at Mornington Spa's blog to learn more interesting shares about skin.

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