MorningtonTips#11 - ARE UV/LED GEL LAMP HARMFUL?



Applying gel color and using a UV/LED dryer to quickly dry the gel layer, creating shine, durability and saving time, has been popular for a long time and began to be popular in Vietnam about 10 years ago. However, recently, information about using gel polish, especially UV/LED dryers that cause skin cancer, dark spots, melasma, etc., has been spreading everywhere, causing many beauty lovers to be wary. this trend. Let's learn about this UV/LED dryer with Mornington Spa!

1. Is UV in the lamp safe?

Current gel lamps all have integrated LED lights and UV rays to help dry nails quickly and effectively. When applying gel, you really cannot let the polish dry normally and need to use this type of lamp. Everyone knows that UV rays can be harmful to the skin if exposed for a long time and at high levels, mild can cause dark spots, dermatitis, severe can cause skin cancer.

However, in reality, the lights around us also contain UV rays. And when manufacturing gel lamps, the manufacturer has tested and checked the safety of the product so it will not cause harm if you use it properly. Walking outdoors without protection will absorb more UV rays than using a gel lamp.

Therefore, using a UV LED gel lamp is still safe for your skin if you use it according to the instructions and choose the right product with good quality.

Did you know that high levels of UV rays can be harmful to the skin, but at acceptable levels they still have some benefits such as: stimulating vitamin D, killing bacteria, treating psoriasis... so don’t be too nervous when using a gel lamp. In addition to gel heaters, tanning beds and infrared beauty lamps also use UV rays.

2. Why do customers feel their skin is darkened after gel polish?

The phenomenon of dark skin and dry hands after using a gel dryer is caused by UV in the device. But the real cause is:

- The nail technician lets the customer's hands dry in the machine for too long, and continues to dry them many times.

- Using an old or poor quality gel lamp or lamp with insufficient power requires prolonging the drying time.

- Customers with thin, sensitive skin on their hands.

- Customers apply gel polish on a regular basis.

Or maybe the nail polish color is not suitable, making the skin on the hands look black, mistakenly thinking it is the harmful effects of UV rays.

Therefore, there are now improved gel dryer products that help dry nails faster in just 30 seconds, minimizing exposure time to UV rays instead of the usual 60 - 90 seconds. At Mornington Spa, we use all genuine CND lamps, whose sources and UV rays are guaranteed to be safe. In addition, for the Shellac system, when combined with a CND lamp, the total drying time is less than 2 minutes standing in direct sun. You will not need to be afraid when choosing the top most luxurious spa in Ho Chi Minh City.

If your hand skin is dry and dull after applying gel polish, don't worry too much, this condition will go away after 1-2 weeks. Be careful to cover your hands when going out and use skin lightening cream to restore your skin faster.


3. Protect your hands when using a UV/LED lamp

Although the UV level in the gel lamp is not harmful to the skin, if you use it regularly or have thin, sensitive skin, you need to take measures to protect your hands each time you apply gel. Let Mornington Spa show you a few tips:

- Use sunscreen: choose one that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Apply to your hands about 20 minutes before starting gel polish. Be sure to only apply it to the back of your hands and fingers, not on your nails. Because sunscreen can affect the effectiveness of gel polish.

- Additionally, you can use thick fingerless gloves or gloves made of UV-resistant fabric to wear when drying the gel.

At the end of a hand or foot care treatment at Mornington Spa, technicians will nourish and re-hydrate the skin with specialized lotion from CND or Korea's BANDI, accompanied by premium nail care oils: SolarOil, TwoDropOils,... to restore and soothe the skin after your manicure or pedicure. Hopefully this article can help you better understand UV/LED lamps in gel polish!


Wishing you a peaceful day!

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