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Premature aging


Prematurely aging skin is skin that shows wrinkles, age spots and sagging before the age of 30. Skin aging is a natural process of the human body, but this process can be accelerated faster than normal due to the impact of a variety of external factors. Premature aging can affect your appearance, health and psychology. Common signs of premature aging can appear before the age of 30.

These changes cannot be completely avoided, but there are ways to help alleviate the signs and slow down the aging process in your body; especially when you have not yet reached the age of aging. Let see if you have these factors with Mornington Spa!


Age spots

Age spots are dark flat spots on the skin that form after years of sun exposure. These hyperpigmented spots can develop on your face, back of your hands or arms and tend to appear in people aged 40 and over. People with fair skin often develop age spots earlier.


Emaciated hands

Over time, the top layers of the skin become thinner and contain less structural protein; such as collagen - the main structural protein (found in bones, muscles, skin and tendons) with one of the main functions being to shape the skin. So when you lack collagen, your hands can start to get veiny, become thinner, and wrinkle easily. There are no statistics on when hands begin to age, but most people usually notice this in their 30s and 40s.


Dermatitis or Hyperpigmentation of the skin in the chest area

Many people will encounter dark spots on their breasts as they age. Similar to age spots, these areas of varying pigmentation are formed when your cells are damaged by sun exposure. This type of hyperpigmentation is not always related to the aging process. It can be the result of eczema (atopic dermatitis) or other dermatological conditions that damage the melanin cells in your skin. Currently, there is no exact age when this skin condition appears.


Skin is dry or itchy

The outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis, is responsible for producing hyaluronic acid. This is a natural substance produced by your body to retain water and keep tissues hydrated. Unfortunately, this production slows down as we age and the result is dry skin; this can aggravate wrinkles caused by under or dehydrated skin.

Wrinkled or sagging skin

When you enter your 30s, your skin's collagen production function will slow down. This protein helps shape the skin, giving it elasticity and giving it a plump appearance. With less collagen in the skin, wrinkles and sagging are more likely to appear. You may notice this happening mainly on your forehead or where you get a lot of sun exposure.


Hair loss

Hair loss occurs when the stem cells that trigger new hair growth in your hair follicles die. Hormone changes, environmental factors, genetics and your diet all play a role in speeding up this process. Up to 40% of women over the age of 70 experience hair loss. Men experience this earlier, with 50% experiencing hair loss after age 50.


Causes premature skin aging

The causes of premature aging include both external and internal factors, commonly seen as:


Sunlight can have a number of benefits for our mental and physical health, but it only takes about twenty minutes a day for the body to receive vitamin D. Longer exposure to sunlight can put the skin at risk of cancer and premature aging.



The consequence of being exposed to the sun for too long is that the skin will become thinner, may sag and age spots appear. One of the misconceptions is that sun exposure only makes your skin thick and rough because in fact, the opposite is equally true. Too much sun exposure can break down skin elasticity, causing it to thicken or thin. Not only that, ultraviolet rays can damage collagen proteins in the skin, leading to sagging or loose skin; At the same time, it accelerates the production of melanin (cells that give skin color) causing age spots.



A stressful lifestyle can promote an inflammatory response in the body and also affect your sleep habits. Stress hormones and inflammation can cause your body to age faster. Stress has an interesting way of affecting our bodies. In the short term, it can boost our energy and concentration, but if it lasts, it will weaken our bodies and accelerate the aging process.


How to prevent this?

Always apply sunscreen. This is the simplest and safest method to prevent sun damage and premature aging. You should look to buy and use sunscreens and makeup products with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher. In addition, if you go out in the sun, be careful to choose clothes that provide good coverage, especially your hands because they can be one of the first parts to age.


Try to minimize your smoking habit. There are many methods to divert our attention and help limit this bad habit such as: chewing gum, drinking lots of water and juice, always keeping yourself busy, practicing yoga, meditating... If you still find it difficult to quit completely and suddenly, try e-cigarettes.

To minimize stress, maintain an optimistic and happy spirit. Try to quiet your mind by doing activities like yoga, meditation or you can go outside to move, exercise and socialize with friends. Another way to reduce stress is to make a list of three things you are grateful for every day and stay positive in every situation because everything will pass.

Getting enough sleep helps the body produce collagen and the hormone melatonin, which helps prevent oxidation and protects the skin from aging. Reducing stress helps the body stay healthy, the mind is relaxed, and the skin becomes younger and more radiant.


A healthy diet provides adequate vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help keep skin healthy and fight the aging process.


Moisturizing is an important step to avoid premature skin aging. But not only dry skin, oily skin also needs to be moisturized. Accordingly, to moisturize oily skin, you should choose lotions or products with a thin texture so that they can easily penetrate the skin but do not clog the skin.

If you’re still wondering how to take care of your skin, come to Mornington Spa - the best spa in HCMC, with our skilled-beauticians, we will go with you through your journey in your luxury skin care treatment.


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