Skin analysis with the VISIA scanner is the first step in every treatment process for customers at Mornington Spa. The VISIA gen 7 machine from Canfield - USA is known as the modern machine for skin care lovers because of its precision, combined with the knowledge of skin care technicians, Mornington Spa can tell you exactly what your skin is trying to say.


What is VISIA?

The Visia skin analyzer is a cosmetic device developed by the famous American company Canfield. The device is equipped with high-resolution imaging technology combined with light spectrum to detect skin problems that are difficult to detect with the naked eye. The combination of modern skin scanning technologies supports quick detection of skin problems based on the following characteristics:

  • Spots: Shows pigment-related problems such as freckles, acne scars or red spots caused by blood vessel damage.

  • Pores: Displays clear images of pores, including large pores and small pores.

  • Wrinkles: Detects wrinkles on the skin caused by a decrease in collagen that occurs during aging.

  • Texture: Check the depth and texture to determine the true age of the leather.

  • Porphyrins: Check the excretion process of bacteria to identify skin areas prone to acne due to bacterial infection.

  • Melanin: Determine the amount of melanin based on the results of examining the colored spots on the skin.

  • UV spots: Assists in detecting damage caused by UV rays in sunlight that are invisible to the naked eye.

  • Red areas: Detects broken or clogged capillaries under the skin.

In addition to evaluating the above factors, VISIA also has the function of analyzing the true age of the skin through the TrueSkin Age® system, to evaluate the customer's age and overall skin condition. The function simulates skin according to age, helping customers visualize their skin aging over time to the age of 80.

Benefits of skin examination with VISIA machine

  • Early detection of skin problems: VISIA can detect skin problems early and below the outer layer of skin, even when the naked eye cannot see. This helps you treat skin problems promptly and prevent dangerous complications.

  • Choose the appropriate skin care method: Based on the analysis results of the VISIA skin scanner, you can choose the skin care method suitable for your skin condition. This helps you save time and skin care costs.

  • Monitor the effectiveness of your skin care process: You can use the VISIA skin scanner to monitor the effectiveness of your skin care process. This helps you adjust your skin care regimen if necessary.

The VISIA skin scanner is a powerful tool to help you understand your skin. If you are in need of skin examination for effective skin care, come to Mornington Spa for consultation and skin examination with skilled technicians!


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