Gel builder/overlay (also known as BIAB nails) is gradually becoming popular in the world, with many celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga,... pursuing this trend. Not only does it help the foundation of the natural nail grow longer, gel builder also bring elegance but no less fashionable to the customer's hands. Let's learn about this new trend with Mornington Spa!

If you're a loyal fan of gel or Shellac manicures, you may have heard of gel builder or BIAB. Growing in popularity, gel builder is a new nail procedure that aims to be as durable and long-lasting as gel or shellac nails, but without damaging the natural nail beds. But, what is builder gel nails and is it the right treatment for you? Also, what is the real difference between builder gel nails and more traditional treatments like gels, Shellac and acrylics?

  1. What is gel builder/overlay?

It is basically a nail strengthening gel that can be built up to create a hard and shiny finish. Unlike gel polish or polish, builder gel is made from ingredients that strengthen and nourish the nail, so it helps harden your natural nail as you use it. Gel builder is also skillfully created by nail technicians to create the perfect suitable apexes, helping nails have a beautiful standard shape, naturally curved and thick. With its complexity, requiring a lot of experience and high skills, gel builder is a high-end product, proving the luxury of the person wearing this nail set.

Who is the most suitable to get a gel builder/overlay?

A great choice for anyone looking to grow or strengthen their natural nails. They are also good for people who have a habit of biting their nails, the gel is much thicker and stronger than standard polish, so it is more resistant to biting.


How long does builder gel last?

Like gel nails, builder/overlays tend to last up to four weeks. Afterwards, you will have to stop by Mornington Spa to have our technicians clean and do a  fill-in for perfection.

What is the difference between builder/overlay, gel, Shellac and acrylic nails?

With so many nail polish options available, things can get confusing. Shellac nails is a special gel nail polish, developed by CND. This is a form of gel colors that is cured under a UV light to have a longer-lasting finish. It is especially popular because Shellac has a lattice structure that helps real nails circulate blood easily. Shellac also does not contain ingredients that damage the nail and is easily removed without the need for strong drills. Acrylic nails are created using liquid monomers and powdered polymers, which are carefully mixed by your nail professional. They don't require to cure under a UV/LED lamp, but will require a lot of drilling and filling to get a beautiful shape of the nails. Builder/overlay gel is a form-creating gel with a firmer, more enhanced base layer. It is cured under a UV/LED lamp to harden to a thicker consistency than gel and is also removed with acetone. The main difference? It does not damage your natural nail underneath.

Where can you get builder/overlay gel?

Mornington Spa is confident that it is one of the luxury spas that brings high quality products and premium services to customers interested in this gel builder/overlay technique. Using products entirely imported from Korea and the US, free of 14 harmful ingredients, experienced technicians and a comfortable, airy space, Mornington Spa will definitely bring you a feeling of relaxation. The most relaxing and peace of mind for all of our customers.


Wishing you a peaceful day!

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